A microfinance company is intended to move the agricultural industry

  on September 12, the national supply and marketing cooperatives issued a circular on promoting the views of supply and marketing cooperative system of rural financial services, support the conditions of supply and marketing cooperatives to establish micro-credit companies. Secretary of the Board, said Deng, as the only listed company in the national supply and marketing cooperative system, huilong shares the acquisition, intended to seize the opportunities of countries encourage the innovation of rural financial services, early involvement in micro-credit field. De Shan around Hefei, will guide agricultural business, extends to the agricultural services, stores, major grower and specialized cooperatives and other customers to solve the acute shortage of operating funds, improve their financial situation, to serve "three agriculture". Meanwhile, the company is committed to creating "moral good" small loan company, with less financial leverage more social capital.
in addition, on November 8, the 14th honghuilong shares the Board (ad hoc) meeting also decided that the proposed subsidiary of Anhui agricultural merger, another subsidiary of Anhui and Huai agricultural, which is referred to by company Chairman Li Yongdong honghuilong shares "to create a new situation in the second, major landmark". Past, the Anhui agricultural agent brand fertilizer resources difficult to Huai agricultural region ibw market, and vice versa. After today, was formed by the Yangtze River, Anhui Province famous distributor of Shanxi Toyoki, Henan to heart, in the well-known strategic resources such as oil products, seamlessly effective layout in Anhui province's market, expansion of sales, but also enhance honghuilong grip of quality resources in the upper reaches. Company plans, through 3 years of development, Hui long chains reach annual sales of 3 million tons of chemical fertilizers, the annual profit target of 50 million Yuan.
huilong shares notice today, Ma On Shan, to buy a stake in de Shan, three small loan companies, acquisitions valued at about 70.5913 million Yuan. So far this year, used to raise capital, the company has several equity acquisitions and expansions, intent to achieve rapid development.
the latest announcement revealed that huilong intends to use their own funds to 12.91 million yuan of shares, acquired 20% shares of de Shan Ma On Shan small loan company, moreover, at 35.58 million Yuan and 22.09 million acquisition of Hefei of Anhui new investments in related parties, a licensed small loan company 18.48% de Shan stake and de Shan Xiao Guangde loans companies 20% of the stock.

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