Banks began to increase its collection and write-off bad loans

  from the current situation, the new non-performing loans of banks mostly showing regional and industry-focused features. Area, to the private economy, export processing features and domestic and foreign trade in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, continues to spread credit default risk. Industry, manufacturing and the wholesale and retail industry are the two major risks "disastrous", bad loans of banks a total amount of bad loans of nearly 50%. In addition, real estate, transport and storage, photovoltaic and electric and gas industries have credit risk.
"in 2012, the new non-performing loans of commercial banks rose by 10% within the banking bad loan ratio will be 1% to 2%. "Oriental asset management Corporation released on October 31, 2012, NPLs of China market research said in a report. Meanwhile, the report said, commercial banks ' bad loans and bad loans this year will be a small "double up" and look at the carrying amount of such loans risk and actual risk of deviation the maximum credit risk to some extent underestimated. This concern makes sense.
special mention loans are often seen as asset quality changes alert. Data and statistics, by the end of June this year, commercial banks loans balance had reached 1.46 trillion yuan, from the rose for three consecutive quarters. Taking into account the deterioration of special mention loans, commercial banks the effect of provisions for loan losses of 1.32 trillion yuan in the first half of this year would be greatly diluted.
in addition, the listed banks performance reporting data also show that banks ' overdue loans also rose. By the end of June this year, 16 listed banks ' total loans past due more than 430 billion yuan, representing growth of more than 90 billion yuan at the beginning. Among them, 11 banks listed joint-stock banks and city commercial banks increase in overdue loans all over 30%, and 6 banks by more than 50%.

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