Mortgage how to handle

  1. loan applicants. Borrower to the lender complete personal housing loan application form and submit the following materials: ① borrower ID, account ② house purchase contract or other document c certificate from the borrower's family economic income of the borrower to prove about other proof required by lenders.
2. lender reviews. Lender on the borrower's loan application and other supporting materials for review, after passing the review issued loan commitments, and with the borrower signed mortgage contracts.
3. borrower housing units signed a purchase and sale contract. Borrowers with loans Bank loan commitment housing units signed a purchase and sale contract, and housing units in real estate held for sale contract to sign.
4. borrowers apply for home insurance. Purchase contract to the lender the borrower specified insurance agency for home insurance.
5. borrowers personal housing mortgage and loan banks. Borrowers purchase contract and mortgage contract, reception contract and insurance policy, with a third party (legal entity) the guarantor to credit Bank signed a contract of personal housing mortgage loan and mortgage registration real estate administrative organs in the 30th, the parties require notarization, the notary notarized.
6. loans a bank transfer. Loans banks loans to transfer classified as specified in the purchase contract of sale housing units in the loans of bank deposit accounts.

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