Next month the implementation of a new mortgage loan rates

  up to the end of the, for many banks, deposits a stiff upper lip all the time. Some banks on mortgage loan processing is being careful, not less, discount rates or cancel the discount, is lending can drag-the drag. Yesterday, from the commercial bank of China Beijing Branch, Tongzhou, Beijing rural commercial bank and other banks understand that a few banks at present still use the first set of loans by 85 percent and 80 percent off. New year's day next year, loan people to buy a House, mortgage rates will take into account the latest base rate adjustments at that time whether the Bank will still use the 80 percent or 85 percent is hard to say. But the Bank advised the public, not too much interest at best according to their own payment habits to develop a repayment plan.
recently, many people see the State-owned banks are tightening their lending inevitably concerns apply for first mortgages will become increasingly difficult, interest rates will be higher. "We are still in the 85 percent interest rate. "According to the Wuxi branch of ICBC said currently it would not adjust the first mortgage rate, because it is a perform such a lending rate of banks in the State-owned bank, earlier this month 4 days out of the 200 million worth of mortgages, most of which is the rigid demand of the first mortgage. "House prices by the end of the General is regarded as the lowest of the year, but House prices by the end of this year rather than last year's low. This was mainly due to the purchase of real estate prices diverged after, good real estate price comparison firm, General property for sale at this time is still relatively high, so many consumers are coming to the end of the loan to buy a House that you want. "It is reported that the Bank with 100 quality projects now have to cooperate, only mortgage a piece of business marketing team operation, dozens of people, so at the end of the mortgage lending increased rather than decreased. Similarly, Beijing rural commercial bank held the first mortgage rates 80 percent off, percentage of mortgage lending in the Bank's loan accounted for three or four. "Although we only do commercial loans, but find people are attracted to 80 percent interest rate. "
it is understood that the Central Bank cut interest rates twice in June and July respectively this year. As most mortgage customer and the Bank agree the loan interest rate. To this end, there are consumers tangle of interest and consider whether Yuan-month and then buy a house next year, that interest will be calculated in accordance with the new rate. But the Bank did not agree to this proposal. "This interest is to go no need to, really don't make enough money. And adjustments for next year "January 1", so from June 8, 5 year loan interest rate from 7.05% to 6.8%, and further down to 6.55% from July 6. It can be said that from new year's day next year, the mortgage interest rate before June 8, 2012 by 0.5%. If a loan of 1 million Yuan loan in 20, that from January 1 next year, nearly 300 less per month. Mortgage loan modification coupled with interest rate discounts, which mortgage customers is a good news if the Bank continues to perform 85 percent, 80 percent interest rate it is hard to say. "From the current" 8 "stage of discount interest rate banks understand that they are uncertain about interest rate policy next year, no one can guarantee marks the superior will issue new mortgage rates.
, according to the Beijing rural commercial bank gold said the line performs the Provident Fund loans next year, when business loan part there are 80 percent discount isn't saying. Bank loan Department staff recommends consumers, according to their spending habits to adjust repayment plan, this is the best way of managing money, banks can now provide more than 10 kinds of personal housing mortgage loan repayment programs, customers can adjust the programme according to demand. "The key is, be sure to repay on time, so as not to affect personal credit records, the best can often keep in touch with the Bank, update your contact information and address. For good credit customers, the Bank will also give priority to providing solutions to help customers better manage their property. ”

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