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  It is understood that in small secured loans on the program, a former town resident social security receive application materials, and then turned over to the County employment Board for approval, then Bank audits by each unit investigation, issuing a loan often requires 1 month. Today, the Township social insurance, employment and bank offices, household surveys, an unemployed loan approved within 7 days can be completed in time. Meanwhile, the three units also regularly visit, the entrepreneur is entrepreneurial mentoring.
last year, nearly 1700 Shenyang small secured loans a total of 140 million Yuan, this year by simplifying approval procedures, current loans more than more than 2,400 cases, a total of more than 200 million Yuan.
"in the past for re-employment guarantee loans to 1 month at the earliest, in just 7 days you can now get loans. "We learnt from the Employment Bureau in Shenyang this year, Shenyang, by establishing a joint office model, simplifies the micro-lending programs, shorten the time of loan origination.

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