Some business conditions change banking bad loans rebound

  benefited from the steady growth of assets, Bank non-performing loan rates continue to remain low. As at the end of the third quarter, Bank non-performing loan rate 0.95%, 0.01% per cent higher; the last quarter to the second quarter of this year, Bank non-performing loan ratio, and 1%, and 0.94%, respectively. body, large commercial banks ' bad loans from 302 billion, in the second quarter rose to 307 billion yuan, bad loan ratio declined from 1.01% to 1%; by contrast, joint-stock commercial banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and foreign banks ' bad loans and bad loans rose.
under the counter-cyclical macro-prudential supervision, banks maintain higher provisioning and capital levels. It was revealed, by the end of the third quarter, commercial banks set aside coverage of 289.97%, basically flat with the first two quarters of this year, while the capital adequacy ratio of commercial banks was 13.03%, 0.12% per cent higher in core capital adequacy ratio was 10.58%, 0.17% per cent higher.
in addition, the three commercial banks liquidity indicators have deteriorated. Among them, the liquidity ratio of 46.69% to 45.23% at the end of last quarter, loan by the end of last quarter 64.33% rebound to 65.28%, excess reserve rate of RMB from 2.74% to 2.66% at the end of last quarter.
China Banking Regulatory Commission announced yesterday, at the end of the third quarter of 2012, the commercial banks ' bad loans totaled 478.8 billion yuan; last year after the end of the third quarter, the fourth consecutive quarter upward, showing banks ' asset quality pressures have not been reduced.
data show, the end of the third quarter, commercial bank's bad loans totaled 478.8 billion yuan, 22.4 billion yuan increase compared to the second quarter, 407.8 billion yuan from a year earlier to historic lows to rise 71 billion yuan. The last quarter to the second quarter of this year, commercial banks ' bad loans was 427.9 billion yuan, 438.2 billion yuan, 456.4 billion yuan.
, Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Shang Fulin, recently told the media that so far this year, some industry business conditions change, so the rebound of banking bad loans. But the banks ' asset quality is stable on the whole, the risk is manageable.
Shang Fulin said that the current low levels of bad loans in the banking industry as a whole, banks are scattered, most of the loan against pledge of credit guarantees, repayment source is relatively abundant and there is plenty of remaining reserves. Therefore, the overall assessment of Bank risks should be controlled.

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