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  for most "old loans" for users in 2012 to cut good cash to concentrate on January 1, 2013, next year, the mortgage monthly payment "burden". However, at the end of part with cash on hand who are often intended to advance payments, banking professionals prompted whether early repayment to ponder.
the new rate to "House slave" lightening
June 2012, 5 per cent annual interest rate is the interest rate for mortgage loans, down to 6.8% from 7.05% and followed in July, and further down to 6.55%. In other words, in 2012, the mortgage interest rate cut 0.5%. Since most borrowers are choosing "pranayama by year" cuts in benefits from January 1 next year to enjoy.
to 1 million 20-year loan, for example, earlier this year more than 5-year benchmark lending rate to 7.05%, choose matching principal and interest repayment, monthly repayment amount of 7783 Yuan this year. After two interest rate cuts over 5-year loan interest rate is 6.55%, the same amount of loans, monthly payment next year 7485, fell 298 Yuan a month.
for wage-earners, this figure is still very noticeable. If borrowers want changes in calculating monthly mortgage, bank financial manager recommends to official website of the Bank loan calculator, select one of these "mortgage calculator" enter repayment, loan amount, loan term, loan interest rate can calculate monthly principal and interest amount, which is monthly.
four groups do not have to repay in advance
December each year, the commercial banks will meet with a number of mortgage customers in advance, the repayment peak at this time of the year there.
a bank source said that by the end of the, Office workers can have a variety of envelopes, replacement costs, bonuses and bonuses and other income, measured in other investment channels and the loan interest after gains, a year some people still choose to save part of the money to repay their mortgage to lower monthly payments. Resulting increase in applications for early repayment to the Bank by the end of. According to the Bank and who are, these days often have members of the public to bank asks mortgage loan business, such as prepayment which materials need to be prepared? is already for many years of the loan, prepayment of asking is it worth, and so on.
banking argue that prepayment of public choice mainly depends on hand investment channels and investment gains more than lending rates, such as gainful projects investment in the short term, you can also choose to late payments. While prepayment reduces psychological pressure on lenders, small part interest, if the funds in hand, ahead of settlement of the natural as well.
the industry warned that four types of prepayment of loans do not have to: first, select equal principal repayment, the repayment period one-third buyers. More start that equal principal or principal has been keeping large amounts of capital out, leaving small interest not so much, even if your mortgage payments in advance, is also more principal, clearly has little significance.
the second is periodic, fixed repayments to homebuyers in the medium term, because that portion of the public has much of interest, prepayment is not very meaningful. Insiders explained that "equal principal and interest repayment, the borrower's interest in the early, relatively little capital. Repayments have repaid much of the interest in the medium term, and some of the additional principal prepayment, prepayment of this case is not very helpful. ”。
Bank loans to members of the public in the late third, prepared, if bank loans now, late bid on the Bank loan, it is not known whether approval.

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