Financing business

Business machinery and equipment leasing

  a. Features
1. Reduced initial investment in equipment costs, improve cash flow, avoid the risk of funds immobilized.
2. Efficient use of leasing for equipment investment, initial investment can be controlled using the latest models, lets you balance from future revenues to pay the rent, so that financial savings, the main industry is fully invested, increased turnover.
3. In situation of financing for China to diversify their funding. Due to borrowing from financial institutions is preserved in its fund-raising environment critical to China, with ample financing!
4. To avoid exchange rate risk. Due to use Yuan to settle trades and avoid exchange rate risk.
II. Following devices can they apply for financing leasing
1. Foreign-funded enterprises leasing
2. Large printing equipment leasing
3. Medical equipment leasing
4. Office equipment leasing
5. Domestic high quality equipment rental

Financing business
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