Financing business

Business unsecured trade credit

  a. Description
1. Banks according to the operating conditions, production and trade enterprise credit.
2. Revolving credit loans without mortgage guarantees.
3. Maximum credit line of up to 5 million Yuan.
4. Within credit line, the borrower can borrow at any time, at any time payment.
5. Loan interest rate is 7.254%, according to the actual days of borrowing, interest by the day.
II. Condition
1. Location – home.
2. Business for more than 2 years.
3. Annual turnover of more than 5 million.
San. Provide relevant information
1. Business license, tax registration certificate, corporate code certificate, certificate of approval (only for enterprises with foreign investment).
2. Company articles of Association, capital verification report.
3. Shareholder copy of ID card (front and back).
4. Key management personnel (such as large shareholders, Board Chairman and General Manager) resume.
5. Credit card number and password, amount, expiry date of the existing bank loans and guarantees (loans, mortgage contracts).
6. Company profile, brochure, certificate, certificates, advantage.
7. Three consecutive years of financial statements and financial statements for the last 3 months.
8. Previous corporate income tax for the year (if the duty-free policy, please provide the relevant supporting documents).
9. Top 5-10 suppliers lists, profiles, and purchasing contracts, recent invoice (one for each).
10. Top 5-10 customer lists, profiles, recent invoices and sales contracts (one for each).
11. Last 3 months business bank account statement original.
12. Production, management, and warehouse space lease agreement or has proof of ownership.
13. Shareholder's personal assets, real property information.
14. Fill out the loan application form.

Financing business
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