Financing business

Business working capital loans

  a. Business
1. Corporate liquidity support from the Bank.
2. In General, the term is 1 year, due to continued lending.
3. Shops, real estate, premises can be.
II. Condition
1. Corporate and mortgage--where the country.
2. No adverse operating conditions of the enterprises.
3. Property as a pledge (collateral can also be provided by other people, or a third party).
San. For information
(corporate information)
1. Corporate identity card or passport.
2. Business license (original and duplicate copies).
3. Organization code certificate (original and duplicate copies).
4. Tax registration certificate (national tax and local tax) (original and duplicate copies).
5. Credit card number and password.
6. Company Regulation (needs in the business sector for the record).
7. Capital verification report.
8. Enterprises in the past three years the financial annual report and financial statement for the current period.
9. Professional license (if any).
10. Various types of certificate.
(collateral materials)
1. Property certificate.
2. Property owners (and their spouses) identity card, household register.
3. Marital status.
4. The purchase contract.
5. Purchase invoices.
6. Purchase tax.

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Financing business
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