Financing business

Enterprise mortgages

  a. Business objects
1. Loans for domestic enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises will not accept it.
2. Without collateral, guarantee – free credit loans based on past performance.
3. Credit 101 million; 1-3 years-giving Fund support.
4. Simple application process, the express approval of (complete information, lenders within 2 weeks).
5. Opened in foreign banks accounts, establish credit relationships.
II. Condition
1. Location-Shanghai.
2. Established for more than 3 years.
3. Recent 12-month business today more than 3 million of income (according to the invoices, tax returns).
San. Materials
1. Nearly 12 months of sales invoices, and tax payment vouchers and records.
2. Last 6 months bank statements.
3. Own shares 15% per cent of the shares of ID card or passport.
4. Shareholders (shareholding above 15%) personal loan note.
5. Company profile.
6. Business license (original and duplicate copies).
7. Organization code certificate (original and duplicate copies).
8. Tax registration certificate (original and duplicate copies).
9. Corporate credit card card number and password (if any).
10. Company Regulation (needs in the business sector for the record).
11. Capital verification report (required in the industrial and commercial departments for the record).
12. Enterprise nearly two years of annual financial statements and the financial statement for the current period.
13. Factories, offices, warehouses and other business venues of property or rental contract.
14. Provides for nearly a year, persuasive marketing contracts.
15. Various certifications, patents, certificates, professional license (if any).

Financing business
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