Financing business

Personal property mortgage, and mortgage

  a. Business Description:
a. Description
1. With a loan of property (residential apartments, shops, offices) as collateral and apply again for more loan
2. Loan terms of up 30 years
3. Total loan amount to appraised value: 70%; increase the total loan = loan amount – original loan balance
4. Provides assessment, security, audit, notary and loan applications for full service. High limit, loan term and long
II. Condition
1. Collateral – the domestic
2. Property worth more than 700,000
3. Right holder needs to
all three. For information
1. Property certificate.
2. Identity card (owners and their spouses)
3. This account (owners and their spouses)
4. Marital status
5. The purchase contract
6. Purchase invoice
7. Purchase taxes
8. Proof of income (employee's card, badge)
9. Loan contract
10. Recent 6-month repayment Bill or the schedule of repayment of bank
11. Payment cards, bank books

Financing business
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