Financing business

Personal Provident Fund decoration loan

  a. Business Description:
a. Business
1. Interest rates are relatively low;
2. Individuals can be used to repay the CPF, light pressure
3. Collateral mortgage loans could also work, can direct plus loans
4. Mortgages do not have age restrictions, such as
II. Eligibility
1. Nearly six-month pay housing fund
2. Of the houses as collateral
3. Monthly payment amount no less than 250 Yuan
San. Business
1. Amount: 300,000
2. Age: 5-15 years
3. Interest rate: 5 years of 3.33%, more than the 5-year 3.87%;
4. Repayment of equal interest, Provident Fund available per month Chong Chong
four times a year. File
1. Title deed (password)
2. Identity card (owners and their spouses)
3. This account (owners and their spouses)
4. Marital status
5. Main lender Provident Fund account
6. Personal seal.

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Financing business
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