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  start-up recently to raise money last year, "bank loans at the end of a very hard, dragging down by 2013, but can't find the money, so I will not be able to operate. "Ultimately, he mortgaged the House to a pawn shop, get 100,000 yuan. This reporter has learned recently to temporarily through the year, some small and medium enterprises have to pawn for help to solve short-term cash-strapped predicament. From the pawn, real estate, cars and jewelry are the focus of the pawn business objects.
in the are mortgage industry by the end of the season, to pawn an endless stream of business, members of the public, the volume of business increased than usual, this period of time is the most busy time salesman. Environment of the entire real estate market last year was not very good, many engaging in real estate development or construction sector of small and medium enterprises is difficult to borrow money in the Bank, in particular the banks rush to withdrawal of funds by the end of. Some small-business owners will use their homes, cars or collectibles mortgaged to the pawn shop to solve funding problems within a short time. Dalian road, Zhu said a pawnshop marketing personnel, now when the housing, car financing is common, mostly "adjustment position". When, when risks are considered small gains, pawn shops are happy to receive such a list.
the pawn industry tips: clever use of the pawn business, not only for short-term loans, pawn can also be used as "cheap holiday safe." For example, to new year's day, Chinese new year and other holidays, when many residents out of town travel or home visits, often valuables such as vehicles or "registers" in pawn, not only to ensure product safety, low cost, you can also get a pawn "tour Fund".

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