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City commercial banks increased loans to local government credit capital

  for a number of platforms of the city commercial bank credit, the General Manager said: "I think the number of platforms of the city commercial bank loans should not, because the small city firm, but platform loan requires a large amount of money, only city commercial bank loans for enough platform demand. "
City commercial bank credits the main argument of the platform, northeast of city commercial bank's risk management division head denies, saying:" other bank data, I don't know, it asked regulators. Platform of our bank loans now, had been cleaned out. "
City commercial bank credit how large scale? How risks? In addition to the three listed city commercial banks, most other city commercial bank credit data of this year's platform has not been announced, but city commercial banks and local governments signed a strategic cooperation agreement, often increase credit News reported.
a case study of Tianjin Bank, signed a strategic cooperation agreement in August this year, Hedong District, Tianjin's banking and, as a next step, Hedong District, Tianjin Bank strategic development areas, commitments focus on Bank funding and provide more funds for the East's economic development and help.
on August 9, ninghe County, Tianjin Government and rural commercial banks, Bank of Tianjin, Tianjin Bohai Bank and Tianjin Binhai rural Commercial Bank signed a comprehensive framework agreement on construction of a new Socialist countryside. Under the agreement, within two years of the four banks will use 11 billion yuan to support regional economic development.
in addition, August 6 Beijing banks said in a statement, agreed to grant the Bank's second-largest shareholder of Beijing State-owned assets management limited liability company a single credit of 2.5 billion yuan. In Beijing in April this year the Bank also adopted the Beijing energy investment (Group) limited credit request, agree to grant of 8.7 billion yuan credit line. In addition, Bank of Beijing and Tianjin Binhai New area Government, Golden Bridge joint leasing company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, Bank of Beijing credit of 50 billion yuan of intentionality.
the above brokerage analysts said city commercial bank was kidnapped by local governments has its historical roots. City commercial bank's shareholders or for the local government platform company, Chairman and President for government officials, and joint-stock banks credit tightening when the platform CCBs is the local Government of "grasping at straws".
in Hebei province as an example, the row has 6 municipal and District Department of finance shareholders. Top 5 shareholders in Bank of Hebei, urban construction investment holding company, Hebei construction investment and energy investment company limited for platform companies or State-controlled companies. 1 to August this year, Hebei Bank loans of 35.8 billion yuan. By the end of August, the Bank supports regional loans of nearly 5 billion yuan of Hebei province along the Bohai Sea. Local financing platforms
Bank loans have always been the focus of everyone's attention. Banking regulator Shang Fulin, the Chairman said during the 18 large, outstanding loans in late September was 9.25 trillion yuan this year. Statistics show that in late March was 7.9 trillion yuan, which means that the platform for two or three quarters of this year the Bank loans by 1.3 trillion yuan.
from the Authority's statistics show that by the end of March 2012, financial institutions, local government financing vehicles loans totaled 7.9 trillion yuan, down by 3.6%.
recently, said Shang Fulin, Chairman of the CBRC, at the end of September this year, totaled 9.25 trillion yuan of loans, essentially flat with the same period last year. This means that, since March of this year, in the context of stable growth and infrastructure investment, platform, new loans increased by 1.3 trillion yuan.
16 listed Bank Quarterly Bulletin shows that further compression platform listed banks and loan balances. For example, at the end of September, ping an Bank platform and loan balances of 42.458 billion yuan early this year, reducing 8.478 billion yuan. ICBC Yang kaisheng said recently, the end of the third quarter, local financing loans by 20 billion yuan.
brokerage banking analyst said to us, the second half of the banks ' overall loans there are signs of loosening of the platform, some banks for careful consideration in compression. In his opinion, platforms of the city commercial bank credit growth is probably higher than the listed banks.
Beijing General Manager of a joint-stock Bank's credit management to us: "banking platform in the repayment of the loan, which itself can cover loan principal and interest cash flows are generally complete repayment. But cash flows do not cover, also requires local governments on behalf of repayment, mostly borrowing new loans the old loans. ”

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