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  in July 2012, jiyang financial services centre bank branch in Jinan and Qingdao, unite the town (Office), development zone to visit the County more than 40 enterprises and surveys. After investigation, the first 7 companies consisting of 2 sectors, credit line up to 11.7 million Yuan. Head of financial services
and jiyang tells us that next step, County financial services centre will be continued good cooperation between banks and enterprises, on the basis of existing work, in accordance with the "Government set up the stage, market" principle, to create the financial service system of small and medium enterprises, optimize the financial ecological environment, through a variety of efforts to crack the enterprise in the form of financing bottleneck, support enterprises bigger and stronger.
recently, Peng agriculture in Jinan, Ltd passed "UNPROFOR loan", to Qingdao, Jinan branch of bank credit of credit funds of 2 million Yuan. "Now taste the sweetness of warranty credit. "Jinan Peng health agricultural technology limited General Manager Lu Qinbao said, as a SMEs, didn't joined UNPROFOR loan Qian, wants to find guarantees company guarantees loan very not stable, by loan amount of must proportion
according to understand, 2012 yilai, for jiyang financial institutions number less, and loan scale small, and threshold high, SMEs loan difficult of phenomenon, jiyang financial service center active matchmaking, has Organization County agricultural letter social, and ICBC, and mail storage Bank, and Qingdao Bank, held silver enterprises docking will 5 times, Loan interest reached 300 million Yuan, now credit of 180 million Yuan. On this basis, with the focus on the County rural credit cooperatives Credit Union loans and the Bank's "security credit" loans, effectively break the loan guarantee, mortgage, and so on.
warranty loans is a native settlement of Qingdao Bank launched a preferential policies in financing, is comprised of 3 (or more) companies voluntarily to form a joint security body, apply to the Qingdao Bank for RMB credit or investment business activities, provide each other with joint and several liability of a guaranteed loan. UNPROFOR not less than 3 members, general control of 5-10, controlled by its members and enterprises in Qingdao Bank to open a settlement account. Enterprises in this industry for over 5 years, enterprises set up for more than 3 years, enterprise has a fixed place of business, each Member of the family and its control shall not be less than 2 million yuan of net assets of the enterprise, a borrower can join only one warranty, all UNPROFOR members for relationships between people, without bad credit records.

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