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Exposure to bad real-estate loans begin

  CBRC statistics showed the banking credit risk this year is a gradual upward trend. End of March totaled 438.2 billion yuan of bad loans of commercial banks, since the increase of 10.3 billion yuan by June 456.4 billion yuan of bad loans at the end, single-season increase of 18.2 billion yuan; but in the third quarter grew by 22.4 billion yuan, to 478.8 billion yuan. NPL ratio was also increased gradually, end of the first quarter and the second quarter rate was 0.94%, up to 0.95% at the end of the third quarter. Among them, the joint-stock commercial banks and city commercial banks, foreign banks ' bad loans is growing rapidly.
the new risk exposure, platform for traditional loans, real estate loans is up two major risks in the near term trend.
"this year, loan concentration due honour, local financial revenue growth, fails to launch the project and other factors, some local financing platforms rising debt repayment decreased willingness and ability to repay. "Shang Fulin said overdue loans continue to show in many places, credit quality decline significantly, and by point and expansion.
"more and more platforms changing the old model of financing through corporate bonds, trust schemes and other means to raise funds, which vote in bond issuance in the fast-growing city. "He also said, among them, most city debt held by financial institutions for banking industry, especially the city investment bond because of the low market recognition, passive lead underwriting bank bond holders, this makes the platform claims the risk is still a lot left in the banking system, have not been effectively disperse, the Bank's actual exposure increased.
, these people also said that local government financing vehicles loan risk should not be ignored. For overdue loans that have occurred in the period, some banks are not taking concrete recovery measures, has not downgraded loan classifications, obscures the true risk profile of loans.
a bank credit according to the Department of management, has come to repay peak platform through two main ways to delay the risk of the company. First, the loan extension would risk delaying the second turning to corporate bonds, trusts, and other financing channels. "For banks, the actual risk is not reduced. "
the birthplace of another bank risk real estate market despite signs of stabilisation, but cash-strapped situation there has been no fundamental change in real estate industry. Parts there are many early excessive expansion, funding to the weaker small and medium real estate companies from bankruptcy.
similar to the platform companies, real estate companies delay risks has taken these two paths. Only with platform companies rely heavily on bond markets, trust real estate company more financing channels.
"at the moment, housing prices through trusts, private equity, loan, affiliate channels long financing phenomenon is quite common. "He said that some banks through illegal adjustment loan classification and loan extensions, to undertake stock loans and other financial products means, masks risk exposure.
data show late in the second quarter, special mention loans balance of 208.1 billion yuan in real estate loans, an increase of 15.2%. In addition, the accelerated exposure risks of personal housing loans, of which private enterprises failed or the phenomenon of private lending-mortgage defaults caused by the escape.
"bad loan exposure there is a delay and macroeconomic performance. "Standard and poor's financial institutions ratings Director Liao Qiang, said regardless of whether the current economic rebound over the next few quarters, commercial banks ' bad loans will continue to rise.
for growing bad loans of banks, the CBRC has asked the Bank to carry out risk in key areas to troubleshoot.
Shang Fulin said the focus on shipbuilding, electric power, photovoltaic, steel and the steel industry, as well as coastal areas of risk exposure and monitoring "two high left" changes of enterprises ' asset-liability trends, in-depth analysis of the causes and characteristics of the bad loans, make "one household, one policy" of the risk management plan.
and temporarily difficulties for some firms or projects, file requests are issued by the CBRC, cannot simply blind focus on loan, if necessary, through reorganization, such as sustained-release risk.
the so-called restructured loans refers to the Bank due to the deterioration of the financial situation of the borrower, or unable to make repayments on the loan contract to adjust the terms of repayment of the loan. Bank restructuring measures against problem loans include loans extended, new or old, old new, additional collateral, or reduce the interest penalty interest and other relief.
line according to a listed Bank risk, loan restructuring belongs to the Bank's own risk mitigation measures and does not need approval of the CBRC. "Restructured loans to demote, generally, banks do this is quite deliberate", but if you have no choice, banks would restructure some loans.
2007 the CBRC issued the guidelines on the classification of loan risks provisions need to restructure loans should be at least to secondary classes. Restructured loans (referred to as restructured loans) if still overdue, still unable to repay the loan or the borrower should be classified at least as doubtful.
of the above notice, the CBRC said "if necessary, through reorganization, such as sustained-release risk" at the same time, does not list the specific conditions for restructuring.
bad loans spread rapidly. In the eyes of regulators, mortgage loans have become optional measures for risk mitigation.
"recently, the proliferation momentum accelerated bad loan exposure. "People close to regulators said industry, from ship, PV, difficulties to other industries, such as steel manufacturing, construction and wholesale and retail trade industry spread geographically, East Coast credit risks still appears, and the signs of spreading to other coastal areas and inland areas.
informed that the banking regulators recently issued on the current focus on risk prevention and informed of the work of reform and development (hereinafter referred to as the notice) stressed that enterprises or projects for some temporary difficulties, ought to be treated, strengthen coordination, timely adjustment of credit policy, cannot simply blind focus on loan, if necessary, through reorganization, such as sustained-release risk.
as early as 2009, in response to the international financial crisis, China Banking Regulatory Commission has also issued a document to encourage the implementation of restructured loans.
industry and geographical spread of bi-directional
Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Shang Fulin said in an internal meeting, looked from the industry and geographical distributions, and recently, the proliferation momentum accelerated bad loan exposure.
our data showed that wholesale and retail trade added special mention loans 27.4 billion yuan in the first half, added 17.6 billion yuan of bad loans; in late June, power heat production and supply of special mention loans grew 26.5%, special mention loans rose 18.5% in the construction industry.
in addition, the rate of non-ferrous metal industry large loans and overdue rate rose; the steel market downturn, coupled with their operational and financial management is not standard, steel companies and heavy losses, steel industries in some areas malnutrition and attention to the proportion of such loans have exceeded 10%.
"third quarter, did not see signs of new bad loan situation improves. "One banking regulatory system in Yangtze River Delta, according to Bank's been hard this year, there have been some clearing laid off Bank branch President. "When the collection back, when restored. ”

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