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  since its 1993 pilot microfinance in China, has been more than 10 years of history, has experienced from the international donors, Government subsidies to support the commercialization process. At present, led by civil society organizations in microfinance began to develop. At present, China's microfinance can be divided into three types: one is the large unemployment guarantees provided by banks loans, student loans and loans for poverty alleviation, there are hundreds of millions of Yuan loans; the second is small loans of rural credit cooperatives. There are 61 million households have access to 192.7 billion yuan in loans, coverage of 27.3% per cent of all farmers; and some farmers security loans, about 12 million households have access to 14.1 billion yuan of loans; the third is currently more than more than 100 non-government micro-credit organizations, provides loans of about 1 billion yuan. Despite the early microfinance in China, but in the process there have been many microfinance operation has its problems, resulting in a large number of commercial banks to exit small secured loan mechanism, micro-lending problems exist mainly in the following areas.
for small secured loan officers are usually unemployed and farmers, themselves and they lack collateral property, household property, including in private plots, homestead and the House on the building, which is the main asset of farmers, Chinese People's Republic of China guarantee law clearly stipulates: "arable land, land, plots, explained Hill village of collectively-owned land use right may not be mortgaged. "The law so provides, which is given to the mortgagor's right to survival and development of agricultural issues. While the People's Republic of China security law also provides that a mortgage of land owned collectively by two special: a mortgagor contract and the employer agreed mortgage barren hills, waste valleys, barren hillocks, wasteland wasteland use rights may be mortgaged; second, to factories and other buildings of township and village enterprises are mortgaged, is within the land may be mortgaged.

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